Document how the installer prompt works.

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## Architecture
This section serves to explain how lubuntu-installer-prompt's various components work together to provide the Lubuntu ISO boot experience.
1. SDDM loads.
2. /etc/sddm.conf is read. This file has been generated (or modified?) by Casper to point to a lubuntu-live-environment.desktop X session.
3. lubuntu-live-environment.desktop executes /bin/start-lubuntu-live-env.
4. start-lubuntu-live-env starts Openbox and backgrounds it.
5. start-lubuntu-live-env starts /bin/lubuntu-installer-prompt but does not background it.
6. The installer prompt appears.
7. The user clicks "Install Lubuntu" or "Try Lubuntu".
8. If "Install Lubuntu" is clicked, the installer prompt executes /usr/libexec/, which then executes Calamares. The installer prompt then removes the buttons from the screen.
9. The installer window appears on the user's screen.
10. If Calamares closes, the installer prompt detects this and exits.
11. When the installer prompt exits, start-lubuntu-live-env kills Openbox, then runs startlxqt.
12. If "Try Lubuntu" is clicked, steps 10 and 11 are executed immediately.