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# Lubuntu Manual Source Code
This is the Lubuntu Manual source code. The concept was derived from [the Kubuntu Manual]( The master branch of this data is now on LXQt for Lubuntu 18.10+ and if you want code for earlier versions it is on the LXDE branch. For each relase of a distro go to the numerical number of that release such as 19.10. To see what is currently in master [manual master branch]( and to see the current stable version look at [stable manual branch]( . To see what is currently for LTS releseases are hosted at [manual lts branch](
## How it works
The documentation is powered by [Sphinx]( and is written in reStructuredText.
Run the following command to install the needed dependencies:
sudo apt install python3-pip python3-sphinx latexmk texlive texlive-formats-extra arcanist python3-sphinx-rtd-theme python3-sphinx-bootstrap-theme
You can see the options for building the documentation by running `make help`. You can make the html version by running `make html`. You can make a pdf version of the lubuntu manual with `make latexpdf`. If you just want to check for warnings or errors building run `make dummy`.
## Contributing
To contribute to the Lubuntu Manual, you can either create a request on Launchpad, or send patch mail to []( and prefix the subject with `[Lubuntu Manual Pull Request]`.
4 years ago
If you really want to learn more about sphinx Lyn Perrine found this pycon video helpful [Carol_Willing-Practical_Sphinx] (
If you want short help on how to format things see StyleGuide.rst in this directory.
## License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. More details can be found here: [creative commons attribution license](