Britney for use in PPAs
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Update britney2-ubuntu.
4 years ago
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ubuntu-archive-tools Update ubuntu-archive-tools. 4 years ago
.gitignore Initial working prototype. 5 years ago
.gitmodules Use our own copy of britney2-ubuntu and update the submodule. 4 years ago
LICENSE Initial commit. 5 years ago Initial commit. 5 years ago Don't create anything in /tmp. 5 years ago
fetch-indexes Export the variable instead of setting it locally. 5 years ago
run-ppa-britney Instead of removing britney_output on each run, just create a new timestamp. 5 years ago

PPA Britney

This is a combination of code from Ubuntu's britney2 and Bileto which sets up a full Britney instance to be run with PPAs instead of the actual archive. This is currently being used by the Lubuntu CI Team.

The original code belongs to their respective authors, either Canonical Ltd or individual copyright holders. When a copyright holder is not specified, please refer to the respective repositories to get information.