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=== General Overview ===
My text editor of choice is Vim. While I am using nodejs 18 from the snap package, all system packages are from (what will become) Ubuntu 23.10.
(This could potentially be a month behind the latest release.)
As you are already aware, all changes are tracked via Git.
Unless otherwise noted, all code is licensed under the WTFPL (the most permissive license).
=== First Mission ===
Here's the full text:
---------- FIRST MISSION FOLLOWS -----------
Purpose: Prepare for client work--or getting hired at a software company in Chicago or on the coasts (intentionally avoiding local job market).
Go through the first couple free videos on this tutorial, code with them, and let's see what you can do before we meet for coffee next week:
It's about 25min of video, but it will take much longer to do the setup, code with them, and get the example project completed through the free videos.
* Use ChatGPT and StackOverflow to overcome any issues
* Bonus: commit your work to a Git repo after the code for each video is completed
--------- END MISSION ----------